Plumbers Know Their 💩! And Other Reasons to Trust Professional Plumbers

Look, I know it’s 2021 and anyone can learn how to do anything on YouTube, right? Well, frankly, that’s a pipe dream. There’s a huge difference between looking it up and giving it a shot, and actually knowing what you’re doing. Here are a few of the obvious reasons to trust the professional plumbers with all of your plumbing problems and maintenance.

3 Reasons to Trust a Professional Plumber With Your Plumbing Problems

They Know Their S#!%

A master plumber and his apprentice take a break from drain maintenance in the bathroom.
All joking aside, they really do know their… stuff. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into becoming a master plumber would make your head spin. Ok, it’s not that dramatic, but I guarantee it will surprise you.

Before becoming a Master Plumber, one must go through the trials and tribulations of becoming a Journeyman. First as an apprentice, aspiring plumbers go through 5 full years of training, both on the job and in the classroom. Over these 5 years, our green plumbers have to complete 246 hours of in-classroom training while gaining 6000 hours of on-the-job training. Oh, and don’t forget the final exam.

That’s just to become a Journeyman Plumber. To become a Master Plumber, our Journeymen must labor 4000 more hours, over 2 more years. Only then are they allowed to take the Master Exam, otherwise known as the Wet SAT.

I might’ve made that last little bit up.

The bottom line is professional plumbers go through just as much training and schooling as most professions, more even! They are masters of their craft.

DIY (is) for Dummies

Call a professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all of your plumbing maintenance needs near Howell, MI.
Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Chip Gaines have made everyone think they can fix just about anything. While that is true, you can do anything, we need to make sure we’re managing our expectations.

If your sump pump is acting up and there’s a storm brewing on the horizon, trusting YouTube just doesn’t seem like the wise choice. It’s not just for emergency services either, plumbing maintenance is the secret key to avoiding all emergency plumbing situations in the future.

Go scream it from the rooftops: Plumbing Maintenance is the Answer!

Don’t get me wrong, learning some plumbing skills won’t hurt and will help you with the easy maintenance of your pipes. But don’t get tricked into becoming a viral victim of the latest “Plumbing Hack”, unless you want your toilet to do this.

Don’t Believe the Trolls

Like almost every other trade job, plumbers get a bad rap and this can be chalked up to a few bad apples. The things you might hear include examples like:

“Omg, why do I have to remortgage my house for a functional toilet?”


Or “Uhhhh, my plumber has been down there for like 6 hours! I’m pretty sure they’re just eating lunch behind my sump pump.”


And who could forget the old classic, “#PlumbersCrack”

The truth is, professional plumbers don’t mess around. Yes, some of the shadier ones have been known to jack up their prices, but that’s why Google invented reviews. Depending on what service you need help with, professional plumbers can accurately estimate their time, so you’ll know what to expect. The really good ones will even leave their work area so clean, you won’t even know they were there. As for the low blow… hire a plumber who wears a belt, like a pro.

The key is to do your research. Do a Google search, check the reviews, scope out the site, check for belts, and make the call!

Trust the Professional Plumbers

As luck would have it, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is full of Master and Journeymen Plumbers ready to take your call. Specializing in literally everything; from drains, toilets, and tubs, to water softeners, heaters, and pressure tanks; we can do it all.

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