7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Emergency Plumber in Brighton, MI
Got a plumbing emergency and need help fast? Make sure you ask these 7 questions before hiring an emergency plumber in Brighton, MI.

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Hear that drip, drip, drip echoing throughout your home? That leak could cost you! Instead of wasting water or having to deal with mold and mildew in the future, call a pro!

Don’t hire the first plumber you find online, though. In fact, there are over 68,200 plumbers throughout the country. How do you know which one is equipped to handle your needs?

Here are seven questions to ask an emergency plumber in Brighton, MI. By asking these questions before signing a contract, you can find the best in town.

Start your search by asking an emergency plumber these questions today!

1. Can I See Proof of Your Certification?

Start by searching for the phrase “24-hour plumber Brighton MI” in Google. Write down a few options that you can research further using these tips. 

To narrow down your options and find the best plumber in Brighton, MI, focus on finding someone with experience and expertise. A knowledgeable plumber will know how to fix your plumbing issues without wasting valuable time.

The longer they take to fix the problem, the more likely mold or mildew might form.

First, ask the plumber if they have proof of their certification. Choosing a certified expert will ensure they know how to properly make repairs. Their training will help them diagnose the issue before they start making adjustments to your plumbing.

Otherwise, the changes they make could do more harm than good.

When was the last time they updated their certification? Most tradesmen need to update your certification every year. Otherwise, they might fall behind with proper procedures, practices, and building codes.

Is every plumber on your list up-to-date regarding regulations and building codes? Are they meeting those standards?

Ask each plumber when they last completing their testing. You can also ask for proof of their state, regional, or county certification.

What happens if you choose someone who isn’t licensed?

There’s a risk they’ll fail to pull the right permits. If they work on your property without licensing, you might get fined.

2. Are Your Clients Happy?

Once you find someone with the right documents, look into their work history.

Tradesmen learn from hands-on experience. If their clients aren’t satisfied with the services they receive, chances are you won’t be, either. You don’t want to waste valuable time and money.

Head online to look for reviews. You can check Google My Business, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. Try to read reviews from more than one resource.

These reviews will tell you more about the plumber’s workmanship.

After all, you want to find a plumbing tech Brighton, MI residents trust. Otherwise, all you’ll have to go on is the plumber praising their own services. 

Look for positive and negative reviews. It’s normal to find one or two negatives. If you find them in abundance, however, scratch that plumber off your list.

Was the plumber able to communicate the problem in a way that was easy to understand? Did the client experience any issues working with that plumber? How were those problems fixed?

Otherwise, ask the plumber if they can provide references. You can speak with these clients yourself to learn more about their experience. 

3. How Long Has Your Company Operated?

A long-running business is one that’s outlasted competition in the area. Look for a 24-hour plumber Brighton, MI residents have trusted over the years.

Otherwise, you might choose a business that’s still working out the kinks in their operations.

How long has each plumber worked in the industry? Do they have an extensive work history in Brighton? Are they well-known among locals?

If they haven’t earned the respect from others in the area, there’s possibly a better option on your list.

A plumber with a strong professional reputation won’t want to risk that reputation by making foolish mistakes. Instead, they’ll strive to uphold that reputation by providing the best possible services.

4.What Services Do You Offer?

Leaks in any household can account for about 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually. About 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more each day. By fixing these leaks, homeowners could save 10% on their water bills each year.

You might realize some plumbers on your list aren’t all emergency plumbers. It’s important to find someone you can call 24/7.

Otherwise, a tiny leak can cause costly damages while you wait for a plumber to arrive.

You might even have to pay additional after-hours fees if they’re not an emergency plumber. 

Ask what other services the plumber offers, too. Do they have a specialty? For example, maybe you need someone experienced with remodeling projects.

Know what you need and what expectations you have for your plumber. Then, find someone who suits those needs.

5. Are You Insured?

What happens if there’s an accident while the plumber is working on your property? Could you get sued? Does the company have the proper insurance in place for these incidents?

If not, you’re left holding the bag. 

Choosing a plumber who has insurance and bonds will give you peace of mind. They won’t hold you responsible if something happens while they work on your property.

6. Do You Offer a Warranty or Guarantee?

Ask each plumber if they offer a warranty or guarantee for the services they offer. What happens if you experience the same issues after they make repairs? Will they come back if you call within 30 days? 

Will they provide you with advice on how to help you avoid future repairs? If not, you’ll likely have to contact them regularly with new or repeat problems. 

7. What Are Your Fees?

When you get a quote from each plumber in Brighton, MI, ask for a breakdown of their fees. Does the quote include labor and materials? If not, what are the potential costs you’ll need to consider?

Do they charge by the hour? How long will the project take?

Do you have to pay for their travel time, too?

Getting a breakdown of the costs will help you build realistic expectations and ensure the plumber suits your budget.

Pick a Pro: Vet Your Options Before Hiring an Emergency Plumber Brighton, MI

Don’t choose the first plumber you come across. Pick a pro! By asking these seven questions, you can find an emergency plumber in Brighton, MI you can trust.

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